Raid the Larder - Cocktail Making Kit for Two

After almost a year of sheltering underground, the Cahoots Scoundrels have nearly exhausted our
stockpile of black market booze. So, in traditional British spirit, we've dug deep and raided our pantries for inspiration.  

Using an array of tea, jams, preserves and sodas, and guided in our instructional public broadcast videos, we've whipped up a jam-packed cocktail kit that will have your knees up in no time - just provide the ice!


Lemon Fizzle Break (two servings)
Bombay Sapphire gin, bergamot liqueur, lemon verbena syrup, fresh lime, topped with Fentiman's Rose Lemonade

Make Do & Martini (two servings)
Vanilla-infused 42 Below vodka, Cointreau orange liqueur, apricot liqueur, Earl Grey syrup, apricot marmalade & fresh lime.

- Measured & labeled portions of all the ingredients needed to make 4 Cahoots cocktails, in a recyclable vac-pac pouches
- Garnishes to have photo-perfect drinks
- QR code link to our instructional videos
- Fresh lime to squeeze for perfectly balanced & fresh cocktails. 

- Something to shake & stir your cocktails with (a big jar or protein shaker is perfect!)
- Cubed Ice

Note. Due to the inclusion of fresh lime, kits should be used within 7 days of delivery. After this, kits will still be fine but will need fresh limes.


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